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Founder Helps Clients Leave Careers They No Longer Enjoy To Achieve Clarity in Life and Business

Podcast Interview with Blake Schofield - IAM130

Blake is a former corporate executive, mom of three kids & founder of Connections Illuminated, LLC. She provides tailored coaching to driven women who want to leave a career that she no longer enjoys, so she can do more fulfilling work and make a bigger impact in the world without having sacrifice either being present in her children’s lives or the lifestyle she’s worked so hard for. Blake helps her clients to get clarity on the bigger vision for her life, shows her how to use her skills, experiences & passions to replace (or exceed) her income and serves as her trusted business adviser, walking with her step by step to validate & scale her business so she has the confidence (and results) to know she can be successful. Blake's clients commonly achieve clarity on the type of business & life they want and have begun making money from their new business (validated business model) within three months. For those that have already started their businesses before working with Blake, she is able to help them get focus & clarity on steps they need to take to create a bigger, more impactful business that will lead in the market.
  • CEO Hack: Hire contractors and consultants for tasks you are not really good at, you don't have to wait to employ staffs.
  • CEO Nugget: (1) Trust your guts (2) There's no one way to build a business
  • CEO Defined: Being the visionary and driver of the future of your business
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Website:http://www.connectionsilluminated.com/ Additional links LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/blake-schofield Facebook group w/free training: www.facebook.com/groups/creatinglifeonyourterms Facebook business page: www.facebook.com/connectionsilluminated


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