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Inspirational DJ, Teacher and Big DREAM Jockey On a Mission to Smash the Shame and Stigma Around Mental Health

Full Interview From I AM CEO Podcast - IAM189

Inspirational DJ – Teacher – Big DREAM Jockey “I believe we have the power to remodel our planet at our fingertips”-DJVBL When she’s not spinning records for thousands of dancers on the Nile in Egypt, Burningman, or a Beach in Hawaii, she’s making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for her kiddos before recording another episode of the Big DREAM School podcast. DJ Valerie is an Inspirational DJ – “Dream Jockey” and Big DREAM Coach who believes Music is the Medicine and the DJ is the Doctor. Valerie fuses art, science, and soul to teach and inspire creative, bad@ss, change-makers how to get out of their funk, get their groove back, and rock their Big DREAMS. She is a co-founder of 2 multi-million dollar real estate companies, USCG Charter Boat Captain, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and of course the most blessed Mama of 2 Earth Angels. DJ Valerie is on a mission to smash the shame and stigma around mental health so that we can SNAP! Back to rocking our Big DREAMS and co-create a planet where all life co-thrives in delicious harmony!
  • CEO Hack: Cold showers in the morning
  • CEO Nugget: Just believe, things are going to work out your way
  • CEO Defined: Elevating others to their best
Website: https://djvalerieblove.com/

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