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Creator and Podcast Host Sparks Growth in Marginalized Individuals

Full Interview From I AM CEO Podcast - IAM201

Tyinna is the creator of Around-the-Lectual Girl, a lifestyle brand that seeks to showcase authenticity, spread love, and spark growth in marginalized individuals. She is as a video blogging, and inspiring podcaster. Through daily motivational videos, PYTyinna Allows the world to experience her highs, lows, and life lessons. All this in an effort to motivate & inspire others to become a better version of themselves & achieve personal fulfilment.

  • CEO Hack: (1)Notebook for writing thoughts down (2) Work-out in the morning (3) Score for business templates
  • CEO Nugget: Plan, keep trying and opportunities will open up
  • CEO Defined: Creator of his or her products/work

Instagram: officialatlgirl
Facebook: officialatlgirl
Twitter: officialatlgirl
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCTDCSih6UxibfzZCQH92MAA

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