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President Leads A Commercial Cleaning Company To Make Real Impact

Full Interview from I AM CEO Podcast - IAM343

Adam Povlitz began his journey at Anago when he was 26. Looking to make a real impact in his professional life instead of just being a spoke in the corporate wheel, he decided to join his father in building what is now known today as one of the largest commercial cleaning companies in the nation, Anago Cleaning Systems (Anago). In 2015, Adam was promoted to President of Anago and oversees every aspect of the company including operations, finance, and the marketing programs designed to attract Master and Unit Franchisees. Previously, Adam served as the Growth Initiatives and Expense Analyst for the North American Sales & Distribution division of IBM Corporation. He holds an MBA from the University of Miami and earned a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt from Nova Southeastern University. He is a Certified Franchise Executive and an ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standards Expert.

  • CEO Hack: Simon Sinek's books- Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last
  • CEO Nugget: Your personal income will not far exceed your personal growth
  • CEO Defined: Responsibility to no one and everyone at the same time



Full Interview


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