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Full Interview from I AM CEO Podcast - IAM965

Mike is an Evidence-based, Data-Driven, Lean principles-guided Digital Marketing, Product Management and Business Intelligence executive with over 15 years of focused experience on building and scaling multi-sided marketplaces and heading digital marketing for enterprise-level e-commerce and retail brands.

Mike has extensive “big company”​ experience complemented by a startup career training with and mentoring for companies like Google, Facebook and 500 startups . Mike has been involved in building and managing teams within companies that range in size from startups with a small, cross-functional team to NASDAQ-listed, Internet Retailer top 100 retailers—all in a top-level decision-making capacity while managing multi-million dollar budgets.

  • CEO Hack: Book- The Score Takes Care of Itself: My Philosophy of Leadership
  • CEO Nugget: Focus on your customer's pain
  • CEO Defined: Being the rising tide that lifts all the goals


LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/mikevillar

Full Interview:

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