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Co-founder Manages Leads Through an Intelligent CRM

Full Interview from I AM CEO Podcast - IAM980

Jeroen is co-founder and CEO of Salesflare, an intelligent CRM built for SMBs selling B2B, mostly popular with agencies and SaaS companies.

Salesflare itself was founded when Jeroen and his co-founder Lieven wanted to manage the leads for their software company in an easier way. They didn't like to keep track of them manually and built Salesflare, which pulls customer data together automatically.

It's now the most popular CRM on Product Hunt and top-rated on review platforms like G2 for its ease of use and automation features.

  • CEO Hack: Strict sleeping routine
  • CEO Nugget:  Start small with the MVPs
  • CEO Defined: Giving direction to the team, often saying no and representing the company in critical moments


LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/jeroencorthout

Full Interview:

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