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Most businesses struggle to define their brand. Gabriel and Kelly Shields help businesses discover who they are to develop a brand that’s authentic to them, creating loyalty and trust with their audience and people. As a husband and wife team, they understand how a successful business is like a successful marriage — it requires two very different people to discover their shared values in order to make healthy and beneficial decisions so they can better the life of the other person. Gabriel and Kelly help businesses look beyond products and services so they market effectively and establish the perfect marriage between a successful brand and successful people.

  • CEO Hack: Putting trust in people and supporting them
  • CEO Nugget: Define your values and know where to plant them
  • CEO Defined: Servant leader


Brand Workbook (Your Ultimate Guide to Building an Enduring Brand!) > https://benucreative.com/brand-workbook/
LinkedIn > https://www.linkedin.com/company/benucreative
YouTube > https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOr7onuL-GG0B1isa6p-gwA

Full Interview:

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