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Carrie Greene, of Carrie Greene Coaching, is an author, speaker and coach.

Carrie spent fifteen years on Wall Street in marketing and product development for major brokerage firms and the New York Stock Exchange. She left after 9/11 to start her own business. Carrie helps business owners understand the true value they bring to their clients’ lives and businesses. Carrie’s clients get clear on what they want and create simple, straightforward plans to get them there so that they can be profitable and happy.

  • CEO Hack: Remembering to have fun and doing things that put a smile on my face
  • CEO Nugget: Believe in yourself
  • CEO Defined: Doing it my way, growing. learning, leading a team and impacting people the way I want to


Books on Amazon: Because You're Worth It: How to Make More Money By Charging More Money 

Full Interview:

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