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Entrepreneur Specializes in Sustainable Talent Buying

Full Interview from I AM CEO Podcast - IAM1039

Troy Wyatt is a native American entrepreneur born in Washington State.

He specializes in sustainable talent buying and building profitable indian casino entertainment programs. His contributions to the tribal gaming industry have been acknowledged in publications from companies like 500 Nations, Indianz.com, and Indian Country Today. He has worked with legendary entertainers such as Ringo Starr, Darius Rucker, Kathy Griffin, and many more celebrities throughout his career. As a child, he was infatuated with musicals such as Little Shop Of Horrors, Grease, Singing In The Rain, and Under The Cherry Moon.

  • CEO Hack: Learning how to use both direct and indirect marketing
  • CEO Nugget: Do the hard stuff first
  • CEO Defined: Adapting and not being confined to one description


Facebook: @SEGTALENT
Instagram: @casinotalentbuyer
Twitter: @seattle_group

Full Interview:

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