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Co-founder Infuses Drive to Health and Wellness

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Jason Wrobel is the co-founder of Wellevatr and the co-host of the podcast This Might Get Uncomfortable. He’s the Amazon and Globe & Mail bestselling author of the Hay House cookbook and lifestyle guide, Eaternity. As the first-ever plant-based chef in history with a primetime television series, his groundbreaking show “How to Live to 100” on Cooking Channel and Food Network Canada taught millions of people worldwide how to prepare delicious, organic, healthy meals at home. Described as the love child of Jim Carrey and Alton Brown, he infuses his live speaking events, videos and digital teachings with a relentless drive to grow and a lighthearted, joyful approach to health and wellness.

  • CEO Hack: (i) Being organized and task management- Airtable and TickTick (ii) Time blocking using a Pomodoro timer
  • CEO Nugget: Having a mentor in my life
  • CEO Defined: Being the shepherd for the unseen dreams, visions and future of humanity



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wellevatr

Full Interview:

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