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Therapist and Coach Helps Entrepreneurs Reach Their Potential Through Entrepreneurship

Podcast interview with Jason Wasser

Jason Wasser is a Licensed Therapist, Certified Neuro Emotional Technique Practitioner and a Certified Entrepreneurial Coach. He believes that every business owner, whether and entrepreneur or intrapreneur, should have a therapist and coach in their life to help them reach their potential and minimize their stressors. Jason utilizes a mind-body-spirit approach when collaborating with his clients and their families. Jason owns The Family Room Wellness Associates in South Florida and works with entrepreneurial clients and their loved ones all over the world.

  • CEO Hack: Be in a space where someone is holding you accountable and you can also hold someone accountable to be successful
  • CEO Nugget: Leverage your social media and personal brand to show how you solve a problem
  • CEO Defined: Building something that's bigger than you


Instagram: @jasonwasserlmft
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