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Teacher Helps Pre-law Students Achieve Top LSAT Scores

Full Interview from I AM CEO Podcast - IAM953

Steve Schwartz is a full-time author, teacher, and founder of LSAT Unplugged, an online standardized test preparation company helping pre-law students achieve top LSAT scores.

Steve increased his LSAT score from 152 to 175 on the LSAT (99th percentile) and has taught the LSAT since 2005.
He hosts the LSAT Unplugged YouTube channel and LSAT Unplugged podcast, with an audience of over 100,000 on LSAT and law school admissions. He's helped thousands of students get into the law schools of their dreams, win large scholarships, and become successful attorneys.

  • CEO Hack: Getting support to get things done
  • CEO Nugget: Get things off your plate right from the beginning
  • CEO Defined: Looking at business operations as a system that moves tasks from one stage to the next


Social links: https://linktr.ee/lsatunplugged

Full Interview:

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