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Bestselling Author Helps The Youth Lead Fulfilling Lives

Full Interview from I AM CEO Podcast - IAM985

Derrich Phillips is a bestselling author, combat veteran, husband, and proud father on a mission to help youth achieve their dreams and lead fulfilling lives. He’s dedicated to helping youth break the cycle of generational poverty and empowering people of all backgrounds to improve their lives and escape the poverty mindset. When not writing, Derrich enjoys traveling, competing in Ironman races, volunteering, and spending time with his loving family, and dog in Dallas, Texas.

  • CEO Hack: Learning and researching
  • CEO Nugget: Delivering what you have a vision for and how you're delivering it too
  • CEO Defined: Being a leader, having a high level of integrity, compassion and having a desire to serve others



Book on Amazon: Poverty Powerball: Turn Adversity Into Your Winning Ticket

Full Interview:

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