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Tom Madden is the quintessential “PR man.” Telling him to stop publicizing, inventing products like his Knife and Forklift™ that helps you to exercise while eating, and writing articles, blogs and books is like telling the government to stop spending money—pointless. His popular blog is called MaddenMischief. Madden’s rise in the world of media started at The Philadelphia Inquirer before he served as Vice President of NBC under then-CEO Fred Silverman. After departing NBC, Madden launched his own award-winning public relations firm, TransMedia Group, in 1981 that is now celebrating it's 40th year in business in 2021. The firm is now based in Boca Raton, Florida, and has offices worldwide.

  • CEO Hack: Avoiding mistakes other people make
  • CEO Nugget: Listen and see where someone is coming from and their feelings so you can help them effectively
  • CEO Defined: Father of the organization



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TransMediaGroup/

Books on Amazon: Love Boat 78 Paperback – March 3, 2020

Enough Brady in Trump Paperback – January 1, 2017

Full Interview:

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