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Owner Creates Extraordinary Candle Fragrances

Full Interview from I AM CEO Podcast - IAM1036

Maddie Boening is the passionate Founder and Owner of Sunstone Candles, which was established in Catonsville, MD during August 2016. Maddie specializes in the craft of candle making using 100% soy wax and excels in creating extraordinary fragrances. Maddie has been passionate about helping others all throughout her life and now aims to help others Find Their Own Light through the Sunstone Candles Community. Maddie has successfully grown her handmade candle business which started as a very grassroots operation, into a versatile and flexible aromatherapy business that operates in both B2C and B2B capacities.

  • CEO Hack: Whiteboards and having a paper calendar
  • CEO Nugget: Be resilient and take care of your health
  • CEO Defined: Leader


IG: @Sunstone_Candles
FB: Sunstone Candles

Full Interview:

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