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Intuitive Life Coach Guides Her Clients to Greater Fulfillment

Podcast Interview with Lumari

Lumari is an internationally acclaimed Intuitive Life Coach and Creation Catalyst who has shown thousands of people how to awaken their greater soul purpose, create their Bigger Vision. As a visionary intuitive, Lumari guides her worldwide clients to greater fulfillment and success in your business and life.

Lumari works with conscious creatives, CEO’s, leaders and change agents who are visionaries in their chosen fields. She guides you to tap into the power of your brilliance and create aligned decisions, shifts and changes, so you can live your highest path of calling, your Bigger Vision, and make a difference in our world.

  • CEO Hack: I always tune in first to check how I'm being
  • CEO Nugget: Asking what's the best possible place to open up my vision
  • CEO Defined: Being in the space of leadership and co-operation


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