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Full Interview from I AM CEO Podcast - IAM863

Amanda Abella is an award-winning content creator, keynote speaker, and business coach who specializes in helping business owners activate their persuasion prowess so they can make more money.

Her clients go from hating sales and marketing to achieving 90% close rates and closing multiple five-figure deals. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Univision and many more.

Prior to teaching marketing and sales, Amanda spent a decade as a financial writer and wrote content for companies like Wells Fargo, Discover, Credit Karma, Santander and more. She's also partnered with companies like Capital One and Transunion in financial education campaigns.

She's also the Amazon bestselling author of Make Money Your Honey and has created a community of over 60,000 people across social media channels make more money and live a more affluent life.

  • CEO Hack: (1) Get your hands off the business and hire A-Players (2) Be vulnerable with your team
  • CEO Nugget: Let go off that which is not working
  • CEO Defined: Leading two different people


Twitter: @amandaabella
Instagram: @amandaabella
Facebook: Coach Amanda Abella

Full Interview:

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