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Pharmaceutical Attorney Helps Companies to Get Patent

Full Interview from I AM CEO Podcast - IAM969

Paul V. Ward is a Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Patent Attorney who lives in California. As a medical and graduate student, his research was focused primarily on diabetes and its complications.

After graduating from Loyola University Chicago (JD) and George Washington University (LL.M.) law schools, respectively, he worked in the area of pharmaceutical patent and antitrust litigation in Silicon Valley, California, and the heterocyclic compounds and pharmaceutical patent prosecution in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. He is an avid fan of literature, tennis, NFL and collegiate basketball, and his main interest apart from reading and sports, is traveling the world to experience different cultures.

  • CEO Hack: Learning something new every day
  • CEO Nugget: If you have a passion don't give up, keep trying
  • CEO Defined: Being proud of my work and giving it 110%


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