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Portfolio Entrepreneur, Author and Sprinkler of Fabulousness Empowers People to be Fabulous

Podcast Interview with TrishaTrixie Hunter-Merrill - IAM107

Trisha Trixie is a Portfolio Entrepreneur, Author, Empowerment Guru, Designer of Life and Fashion, Passive “Expertise” Expert, Social Media Extraordinaire, Published Model and Sprinkler Of Fabulousness. She is The Founder of Trisha Trixie Designs, Trisha Trixie and Company, The Good of Sisterhood, Juste Etre: Just Be, Ms. Courage, The Pep Club and The Vintage Fashionista. Her and Spouse Ben (Often Known As Hunepants) Live in Greenwood Village, Colorado (Transplanted From Iowa, Via California, Via Everywhere Else) and Residing With Them Is Their 2 Cats, Mr. Booties, And Mr. Dude. She is the Manifestor of Miracles and The Sprinkler of Fabulousness. Her Motto is Be Fabulous and she challenges all with her mantra… When given the option of being fabulous, Why would you choose anything else?

  • CEO HACK: Buffer for automation
  • CEO Nugget: Hold on, you will succeed, there's light at the end of the tunnel
  • CEO Defined: Shares a message and reaches to other people


Other sites: http://www.fallingintofabulous.com/

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