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This episode of the I Am CEO podcast will focus on the CEO hacks segment of the show. The CEO hacks website provides information on various tools, including an AI tab. The importance of leveraging tools to spend more time on one's strengths and “secret sauce” is emphasized.

The opportunity to start anew in the new year is highlighted, along with the energy that comes with it. Resources such as content, books, software, AI tools, and podcasts are mentioned to support achieving success.

In conclusion, the importance of appreciating every step of the entrepreneurial journey is emphasized. The audience is thanked for their support and engagement. Listeners are encouraged to visit the website for additional resources.  The episode concludes with gratitude towards the audience.

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Intro 00:00

Are you ready to hear business stories and learn effective ways to build relationships, generate sales, and level up your business from awesome CEOs, entrepreneurs, and founders without listening to a long, long, long interview?

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If so, you've come to the right place. Gresh values your time and is ready to share with you the valuable info you're in search of. This is the I Am CEO Podcast.

Gresham Harkless 00:28

Hello. Hello. Hello. This is Gresh from the I Am CEO podcast, and we are super excited, just because we actually did something that was extremely hard to do, which is take a pause on a new recordings.

And it was through this pause that I had the opportunity to experiment with a bunch of different things and a bunch of different paths that we felt like we wanted to take. But we found ourselves coming right back to what I feel is our secret sauce, which is a lot of the content creation and things that we do to help CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners to succeed.

So we came back to the daily podcast and we've already literally started recording. So make sure you go to iamceo. co forward slash nominate and self-nominations are not only encouraged. They are very much so appreciated to have people on the show that are like the CB nation architects. And we talk about that have had some type of mastery, in their business, or maybe mastery might be a strong word, just a little bit further along on the journey.

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